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Restaurants-wine bars-tavernas

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01/05/2023 - 30/09/2023
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Restaurants-wine bars-tavernas

Where luxury feeling touches your senses !

Enjoy the care of luxury feeling combined with the comforts we provide you, a combination
which will surprise you pleasantly during your stay in our luxurious apartments !

Restaurants-wine bars-tavernas

Welcome to Polykratis luxury Apartments !

In one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, in Skiathos island, combining the endless blue
with the exotic beaches we are waiting for you for unique moments!

Restaurants-wine bars-tavernas

Restaurants-wine bars-tavernas

Skiathos restaurants-wine bars - tavernas

Skiathos although is a small island offers choices in every aspect of life. Beyond thus of the numerous and beautiful beaches, visitors can eat at numerous restaurants.

There are restaurants of all kinds and beyond the Greek Cuisine and restaurants with international cuisine.

In Skiathos Town, the old harbor, the new port, Papadiamantis street and side streets, the hills around Skiathos and the whole area up to Koukounaries has dozens of restaurants.

In several beaches are also very cosy  beach bars and many of them also offer food or snacks!

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