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N. Sporades

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N. Sporades

Where luxury feeling touches your senses !

Enjoy the care of luxury feeling combined with the comforts we provide you, a combination
which will surprise you pleasantly during your stay in our luxurious apartments !

N. Sporades

Welcome to Polykratis luxury Apartments !

In one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, in Skiathos island, combining the endless blue
with the exotic beaches we are waiting for you for unique moments!

N. Sporades

N. Sporades

Skiathos is an island of Sporades, in the Aegean Sea. Administratively, it is a part of Magnesia Prefecture. The home of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the famous Greek writer, is just 2.4 miles from the coast of southern Pelion and 4 miles from Skopelos. It has an area of 48 square kilometers, a length of 12 km and a width of 9 km. The south side of the island has a large tourist development, while the north remains physical and unexplored.

In the 14th century the people of the town of Skiathos deserted their home, which was the centre of the island since antiquity, and made their new settlement on a high rock close to the sea, in the northern part of the island, at Kastro. After the Greek War of Independence, the town of Skiathos became the centre of the island.

In front of the town lies the Bourtzi, a verdant hill rising from a small headland. Bourtzi is home to the cultural centre of the Municipality of Skiathos, where cultural events are staged throughout the year, but especially during the summer as part of the 'Oneiro sto kima' festival.

More than 60 beaches adorn Skiathos Island. Megali Ammos, Troulos, Banana, Tzanerias, Sklithri, Aghia Paraskevi, Marathias, Mandraki, Elias, Aselinos, Kehrias, Limenaria, Tsoungrias, Vasilias, Ahladia, Kanapitsa, Kalamaki, Kolios, Lalaria and Vromolimnos are just some of the many places worth visiting. Skiathos' best-known beach, Koukounaries, has been declared the third best beach in the whole Mediterranean.

Skiathos is full of high-quality amenities for cosmopolitan holidays, offering lively excitement or peaceful relaxation.

An important role has been played in the history and culture of Skiathos by the island's churches and monasteries, which the local people continue to visit on feast days, in accordance with the religious traditions of the island.

The church of the Trion Ierarchon, the metropolitan church of the island, was built in 1846 and it a three-aisled basilica. It contains the miracle-working icon of the Panayia Eikonistra, found in 1650. The Evangelistria monastery, founded in 1704 by monks from Mt. Athos, is famous for the part it played in the years of the Greek War of Independence.

The island is connected with ferries with the city of Volos (3 hours journey) and flying dolfin (1 hour and 10 minutes journey). From Agios Konstantinos, there is a FLYING DOLFIN (1 hour and 15 minutes journey) and ferries (3 hours and 30 minutes journey). Skiathos is connected with Athens by air (journey time 40 minutes) with regular services to Olympic Airways and SKY EXPRESS. In the summer, the flights are rising with connection to the most European countries (average 65 flights a week). The airport is located 4km from the town of Skiathos.

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